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Thanks for the responses.

It seems the suggestions mostly narrow down to getting the basic Ruger 10-22 and buying an aftermarket stock to fit. I measured my Savage youth .308 stock- from butt to trigger is 13 inches.

I checked out the online armslist site suggested and the prices there were pretty steep. Even the more expensive gun shops in town quoted me lower prices. In some cases waaay lower prices. None of the shops actually have the rifles in stock but hope to have them in "soon". Walmart is selling them for $200 when they get them in someday. I saw a listing on the arms list site for a S&W M&P 15 for $1350. Think that model is out of consideration, thanks. I will go to my local gun shop tomorrow and ask the owner to see if he can order a Ruger 10-22. He might even be able to locate a used one.

I looked for ammo yesterday and today while looking for non existent rifles and discovered the 22 caliber is the most popular and left the stores by the thousands of boxes early in the panic rush. Word is that it will take about 6 months to restock. This is nuts. The man in Academy said people were grabbing up bows in place of guns and ammo. Considering the really bad shooting that goes on during hunting season each year, when no cow, game warden or hunting buddy is safe, the deer might safely graze next year as the hunters switch to arrows.

Odd that people don't seem to think the government will ban shotguns. Turkey shooters should be okay this year since there are lots of ammo boxes on the shelves. Maybe I should run out tomorrow and scoop all the shotgun shells I can afford- even though I hadn't planned to go hunting this year.
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