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Boyd's stocks evidently are well inletted and your action should fit in without much work. The cost of the stock I think is about $100. If you are careful, do a lot of reading and watch some youtube videos of glass bedding and installation of pillars, and have the tools, the only real risk is setting the action into the stock by allowing the glass to seize it. I have only installed a set of pillars, and it took some ingenuity to get things right. You can't hurry a project like this. If you get a good job on it, then it will be a special gun that is personalized by you. If you wreck the stock, well, it was a hundred peso plus your glass bedding and pillar bedding supplies. I seriously doubt you will ruin the stock.

I have been working on a Richards Microfit "dual grip thumb hole" stock for a CZ American. I have the action fitted, the barrel is floated, and it is shooting better all the time. I keep fiddling with the way the action fits, as it was only 96% inletted, and I am a rank beginner at this kind of stuff. I will say that shooting a rifle with a thumbhole stock is a joy.
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