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Question on Neck Sizing .308 for M1A

I recently purchased an RCBS neck sizing die for .308 I shoot from my Springfield M1A (Loaded version). Neck sized some recently fired brass this evening and then dropped it into an L.E. Wilson headspace gauge. Noticed it sat a bit high in the gauge and checked closer with my micrometer and found that the neck sized brass was on average .004 high (from top of where it's measured from the guage). Is that a problem? Does it mean that headspace in my chamber is a bit over spec? I assume that the L.E. Wilson gauge is at industry spec. I'm loading 168gr Sierra HPBTs over about a 90 percent of max charge in Winchester brass. Does something I'm doing, or what I'm shooting, rule out neck sizing? For this particular rifle, I've always FL sized in the past. No issues. Fairly good accuracy. Thought neck sizing would allow me to tighten up my groups a bit.

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