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If they don't plan to take my guns then why don't they just shut up about it and move along to some other subject?

Ask the vet in, what was it NJ?, that got arrested for having 30-rd mags before the law even took effect whether they plan to take our guns.

I think more and more gun owners are finally realizing that we have been too "reasonable" in the past and have compromised ourselves into a corner. Anyone noticed that 99% of our A+ rated gun rights politicians are hiding in a hole? Crickets? Yes, they are coming for our guns and our supposedly gun right protecting politicians have stepped to the side to let it happen.

It is the grassroots carrying the water in this fight for gun rights and we will remember how useless our elected officials were when we needed them.

Our motto ought to be
No more compromises, No more Quislings!
We will remember in 2014 who stood by us in in 2013!
"The ultimate authority ... resides in the people alone. ... The advantage of being armed, which the Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation ... forms a barrier against the enterprises of ambition."
- James Madison
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