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Gunpowder / Reloading Issues

Hey guys,
I started reloading .223 rounds for my AR15 about a month ago. Every reloaded shell I have put through it doesn't eject, and it's short-stroking. Half of the shells don't even load all the way. I have to pull the charging handle and re-chamber a round manually every time. At first I thought it was a brass diameter problem: a problem with my sizing die. I got a go/ no-go gauge to test this and the brass all fit perfectly!! I went and tried a few more rounds and I discovered these yellow granules getting everywhere inside my action, and making dents in the shoulder of my brass when I fired them! These little yellow granules were up inside my action, as well as on my ejected cases. So my question is, is this what is causing my ejection problem? Do I not have enough powder charge to push the bolt back all the way? What are these little yelow granules? I am pretty new to reloading Picture is attached and info is below. Thanks guys!

55gr FMJ bullets
24.3gr of "SMP 842" Military Surplus gunpowder
.223 LC Virgin Primed brass
(picked up brass and powder at gun show in Indy)
Using Lee "O" press with two-piece RCBS .223 dies.

Thanks for the help!
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