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I stayed away from the Beretta 92FS since the early/mid 90's when I became more serious about shooting pistols of all types. The main reason was the position and operation of the safety. Well, after over twenty years of dismissing the thing, I finally bought one, and couldn't be happier. It is mainly a range gun, but I may use it for home defense and occassional carry. I am not going to use the safety for anything but a decocker. I don't need to learn another way for a safety to operate. I will carry this gun safety off, round chambered, hammer down like my other DA/SA decocker pistols.

The fit, finish, and smoothness of operation impress me as well as the accuracy and reliability. This gun begs to be shot rapid fire, and is a pretty instinctive pointer. I really like the big Beretta. I only have seen the Taurus at gun shops, and a relative has one, but I have never shot one nor spent any time really examining them so can't comment. From a distance it seems like a decent gun.
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