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OK, well that narrows down a few things then:
1) It looks like using it as a full progressive isn't a good idea. What do you think of:
tumble -> hand lube/lube die -> neck-size (Lee collet?) + deprime -> check length + trim + chamfer + deburr -> quick tumble -> universal decap (double-safety for media in primer pocket) -> prime -> charge -> powder cop -> seat

I don't think I forgot anything there, but I might have. Obviously things will vary depending on whether or not FL sizing is necessary or whether or not the brass has been fire-formed.

Since my brass will all be single-headstamp and sorted into 50 round lots after initial forming/trimming/chamfering/deburring, I should be able to take a small sample-size of case lengths, and if they're in-spec, then I should be able to do:

tumble -> Lee collet necksize (no lube required) + deprime -> prime -> charge -> powder cop -> seat

...which will work 100% progressive.

2) I get the impression from the reading I'm doing that the weak point of many progressive presses is their powder measure. Is there any reason to believe that a progressive press measure is any worse than any other powder thrower? (excepting the thrower/scale digital combinations, of course)
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