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Sig Sauer MPX- new SMG (16" barrel avail). What do you think?

I stumbled upon this article from the 2013 SHOT show. I've always thought an SMG-style 9mm/.40/.357 SIG/.45 would be a fantastic HD and range gun. I understand that the AR platform has really encompassed this area, as well as a few guns like the Storm, Hi-Point, etc. I have always liked the MP-5 styling, but we know those are few, far in between (in anything larger than .22, that is) and expensive. I would love one if these (in either 9mm, but .45 would be outstanding) and SBR it. The Kriss Vector is super cool, but it too is largely out of most budgets.

What do you guys think? Good stuff? Day late and a dollar short? What would you pay for it if it's available?
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