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hopefully i can get a house with at least a 10 acre lot.. been looking at several but the houses really sucked or land was right next to areas i didnt want to live... .

still looking at my preapproval is good for up to 6 months (have to renew at the 90 day point)... and hopefully something comes open during that time...

havent taken my sr25, surgeon or other f class guns out of the cases since moving from AZ 2 years ago and glad to hear that there are 1000yd ranges out in my neck of the woods.

planning on doing lots of black powder and bowhunting and would like to know if we have any folks on the board that are somewhat local to that area? (i know a few years ago when i had planned on moving to clarksburg WV which is down the road we had a few folks that were local to that area)
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