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Yes, you can reload for a minimal investment. I'd start with the basics as Lost Sheep has outlined and move up or move on to other things depending on your experience. You can also spend as much as you want; I have a bedroom devoted to loading and I'm building a shed to house my casting and case cleaning operation (and mebbe a riding mower or two) so I really don't know (or want to know) how much it's costing me to save money by reloading. I do know I can't buy ammo as good as I'm reloading and feel confident you can learn to do the same, possibly even do it on a budget. I've build up this equipment over decades of loading so these days I squander my money on components and maybe a new mould every now and then. All this equipment revolves around the simple RCBS Jr that I started out with. I've added another Jr for load development and rumor has it there's a well used Dillon 550 lurking hereabouts but there's something about a good single-stage.
And don't believe Peetza's remarks about the choir of angels when he first used his RCBS ChargeMaster. Sounded more like the Bellamy Brothers to me.
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