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semi auto 22 target rifle for a small woman.

I just finished a frustrating two day event with the wrong rifle. What I really needed was a 22 autoloading rifle with a ten round magazine in order to keep up with the program. My bolt action .308 was not the one to bring but it is my only rifle. They recommended the Ruger 10-22, a Marlin 795 and the Ruger SR 22, which I shot at the event and liked. The Ruger SR 22 has a pistol grip and a spiffy military look which makes it pricey and it is not something that impresses me except that it has an adjustible stock. I had to get a youth .308 for the length of stock and, though the other rifles mentioned can be found, I cannot find any information on the manufacturer's sites to suggest they come with youth stocks.
Finding my first rifle (the Savage Youth .308 bolt action) was a long and frustrating ordeal and took several months of gun shop visits, on-line searches and forum queries. I ended up with a rifle I am happy with but it will not do for target and marksmanship work. So now another search begins. Hopefully this will not be as difficult since the rifles listed are popular and something must come in a youth size. Do any of you know which models come in my size?
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