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Automobile Analogy

Originally Posted by dickttx
Kind of like asking how much an automobile will cost. Depends on which one and what things you like on it.
And like an automobile, it will end up much more expensive than you can imagine.
Taking the analogy further:

Buying factory ammo vs owning your own car is like taking a taxi whenever/wherever you go.

22 rimfire like taking the bus

Lee Classic Loader (uses a mallet to drive the loading) like owning a bicycle

Single stage like owning your own car, or pickup truck, depending on what model

A good turret like owning an SUV

A decent progressive like owning an Ariel Atom

A top-end progressive like owning Bugatti Veyron

(well, with the Atom and the Veyron, I may be getting hyperbolic, but you get the idea)

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