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thanks Constantine! I still owe you some pics and 915 a email... I am truly anything but a Glock fan...

This thread isn't even really truly about Glock, its about getting people off the nonmember sidelines and writing congressional reps...

But if anyone thinks Im a Glock fan or secretly harbor Glock love all they have to do is look at my history of post... Id gladly pay the 500 dollars for a gun I hate if it gets more people involved on our side, that is the point of this thread. Im a strong personality and I get it, but you cant hardly have my background and survive it and not be a strong personality. Im not looking for atta boy points Im looking to preserve our rights..

Constantine is right, I do have a life outside the forum... and Im not a Glock fan... I can buy 2 x 4s at the hardware store....
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