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Back in the early 80's I had a very small shop that I ran out of my home near Pittsburgh Pa. Had to get a variance to the zoning law which took about a month to process. I was forbidden by the municipality from storing any ammo on premises. I now live in central Florida and have no idea what the paperwork is involved here, or now in Pa. Back then the paperwork was very very simple. Log any guns you receive into your bound book and log them out when sold. No waiting period on long guns but handguns required that you send buyers info by certified mail to the county sheriff. If you don't hear back from them within 3 business days the buyer could pickup the gun. No waiting if you were a cop. I worked in a large factory with over 3000 employees of which most were avid hunters so I didn't have to do much advertising once the word got out. However, most of my sales were handguns used for home defense.
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