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Yours is a question for the Economics forum, I think.

Setting a quantitative measure on a qualitative characteristic is tough.

Microeconomics focuses on how one buyer does it for one item. Macroeconomics focuses on how a market does it for masses of items. But ultimately this is the conundrum of how to assess objectively (monetarily) an inherently subjective feature.

In short, you have a GREAT question to which you are not going to get a definitive answer here, or probably anywhere.

The empirical answer, though, is that they are both still being bought, sold and new ones made. Therefore, one can conclude that the "quality" per dollar is equal, as judged by the macroeconomic market.

Since I have two Blackhawks to only one Freedom Arms, in my microeconomic mind, the Rugers must have more quality per cost than the FA.

Regards. Thanks for asking our advice.

Lost Sheep.

p.s. of course, there are those in between. Beretta makes a dandy single-action as well as many other manufacturers.
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