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.223 vs 5.56

Most all/ if not all Military style AR15 rifles that say .223 are in effect 5.56. Including Mini 14's. Not true for Bolt Actions. Found that out shooting Portugese .308 in a Remington Model 7. All Military rounds are overpressured in tight chambers of rifles chambered in Civilian Cartridges. My 700 Remington shot all over the place with 7.62x51, the few rounds I fired. Taught me a lesson. DON'T DO IT.

Colt stole the AR 15 from Eugene Stoner when he couldn't meet the contract for the Military. The government wanted Colt to make them. The Air Force was issued the first AR 15's in 1962 and they were semi-auto. We destroyed Bunkers full of M1 Carbines to get the AR 15. Slammed the Blast Doors on the middle of them.

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