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We are of the opinion that guns are meant to be shot, and this one will see a little bit more use, although not a whole lot of use. Even though it will see a little bit more use, it will be well taken care of.
While I understand your view, I have to caution you that shooting this pistol even one more time would be a VERY serious mistake.

The WW1 M1911s were not heat treated ... at all. The frames and slides were mild steel. It is not at all uncommon to have the slides fracture from shooting. When the M1911/M1911A1 was an issue sidearm, this wasn't a big deal because the Army had stocks of replacement slides. They didn't care abut originality or value -- if it went "Bang" they were happy.

Today is different. You have a pistol that is potentially worth several thousand dollars. There is absolutely no way to predict which shot is going to be THE shot that causes it to break. Once it breaks, it can never again be all original. You might find a "correct" replacement slide in roughly the same condition, but "correct" does not equal "original" and the value will forever be reduced -- significantly.

IMHO it simply makes no sense to jeopardize an all-original pistol worth thousands when you can buy a modern shooter for $500, new with warranty.

I suggest you go to the Collectors Corner area of the M1911.ORG forum, post your photos there, and shout out for Scott Gahimer. He's a genuine authority on the M1911 and he can advise you on what you have and whether or not you should be shooting it far better than I can.

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