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Originally Posted by Frank Ettin
Todd Jarrett in this video has some good comments on the grip.
Good video, Frank, and I've seen it before. But ... it doesn't address the specific question asked in this thread.

I've read articles by Mas Ayoob in which he advises a "strong" grip. But I don't think he mentioned gripping stronger with one hand than the other. In fact, I can't recall any instructor/trainer advising such (although that doesn't mean they aren't out there).

Early in the Todd Jarret video, where he talks about keeping the shoulders and hips square to the target, what he's emphasizing is symmetry. To me, that extends to symmetry of grip, meaning both hands should be gripping with about the same strength. If they aren't, your hands are engaging in a tug-of-war and the gun is likely to get pulled off-axis.

If using too strong a grip with the strong hand causes a shooter to "pull" the pistol off-axis when pulling the trigger, I recommend training with a Grip-Master type grip exerciser. The great thing about the Grip-Master (the same thing is also available under other names) is that it allows a shooter to practice holding a firm grip with three fingers while moving the trigger finger independently.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Grip-Master. I was turned onto it (them -- there are multiple strengths offered) as part of my therapy following hand surgery at the VA hospital.

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