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I have a Taurus Gaucho SA in .45 colt, it shoots well and has a beautiful deep finish - better than most of the SAA repros I've seen (mine has real case-hardened frame and Sundance blue cyl/bbl). I did have to do a little tweaking with the base pin and release bolt, and ultimately replaced the base pin with a Belt Mountain pin which fixed the problem. (it was backing out and getting stuck when I fired the gun). Timing and lockup has always been rock solid, and it's been one of my favorite shooters.

AFAIK, both are pretty faithful modern reproductions of the original Colt design, except for the transfer bar safety. I think both use flat springs which will wear out sooner than coils, but they certainly add that authentic feel. I believe the Beretta SAs are made by Uberti - they make some nice stuff but I wasn't convinced it is $200 better than the Taurus. I'm sure someone out there would disagree, but I've had good luck with Taurus handguns.
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