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Lapierre is rallying up all gunowners to stand (generally) united against yet another ban. A side-effect of this is that gunowners of many stripes are buying up all the 22, exercising a legal *choice* to do so.

"They're not going to take *your* gun" is true in that at any given moment only a small percentage of gunowners' interests are under threat. I don't think it preferable for the NRA to do battle with the Feinsteins with only 5% of its strength. (Or whatever comes after, with the 5% they choose to fu** over next time).

He's getting some use out of *some* of those "duck hunters" every TV pundit seems to be in the last 2 months (well, not the ones on TV, I assume there are some in real life too).

Hang together. . . hang separately. . . all that crap.

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