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My view is that further gun control in America will not make any difference regarding mass shootings . I do think some sensible common sense measures could be considered like requiring firearms to be safely stored when not in use. If only to stop children getting hold of them.
If universal background checks were required for every gun purchase and those background checks screened for mentally ill people Cho probably would not have been able to purchase the guns legally like he did, and the VT massacre really might not have happened. Even a straw purchase would have been unlikely, because it's not like Cho had a lot of friends. It's very probable that there would have been no massacre.

We had all better hope some new things are legislated to screen for wackos. Otherwise we ALL (not just the wackos) stand to loose more and more gun rights. I'm not a wacko, and I have no problems with the govt screening for wackos. If y'all aren't wacko, neither should you. If we can't get behind common sense solutions to keep guns out of the hands of wackos, then someone else will come up with solutions for us.... Don't believe me? They are working on some stuff now -- I don't like most of it, but universal background checks is one good idea. If you guys don't support something that makes sense, you might not like what they come up with. You are either part of the solution or part of the problem. Even if nothing happens this time around, all it will take is for a couple more crack pots to crack off... When enough people get hurt, a tipping point will eventually be reached.

LaPiere is wrong about universal background checks. Think for yourselves folks. Don't be sheeple. LaPierre is actually more to blame than anyone (including Obama and Feinstein) for current .22 ammo shortage. He has many folks believing that Obama is coming for every bullet in the country, even .22 ammo evidently. He has many gun owners so afraid that they can't think clearly.

Unlike most of you, I do believe universal background checks can help stop mass shootings. Like most of you, I do not believe banning this gun or that gun or magazines is going to help in any significant way.
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