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Not enough info to tell.
Without the target's distance, that group means nothing, it could have been shot at 3 yards for all I know.
All of these targets were shot as part of a carry gun rapid fire 15 yard challenge match, draw and shoot 5 rounds, reload and draw and shoot again. The 45 did as well as any of them considering the last time I shot it was at 100 yards.

The 41 mag on top was pretty brutal to shoot double action. The .357 wasn't bad to shoot.

The 45 was a pleasure to shoot but I wasn't sighted in for 15 yards or it could have been a winner.

The 44 mag I had to shoot single action and barely made the time limit. It is my back up deer gun in the woods.

The target below was 5 rounds from my 45 at 100 yards shooting offhand

20 years ago it would have been better but I'm slipping as I age
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