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Well, I did not order that gun, but bought a basic x-five L1. In a few weeks I will get a rhodium plating and then send it to Germany to get engraving and custom ivory grips. Thanks for all your kind responses in this topic.
Just interested, why would you get a stainless pistol rhodium plated? It is not going to look much different at all, and it will be no more rust resistant than before. And I agree with BigJimP, Nil grips are some of the best on the market, if you plan on shooting the gun keep them and forget about ivory. Ivory grips are kind of tacky in my opinion too. As far as engraving, again I have to ask, why Germany? There are plenty of good engravers in the states without having to deal with shipping a pistol internationally. Unless you like wasting your own money, skip the rhodium plating, don't get your gun engraved all the way in Germany, and keep the Nil grips.

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