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I am not going to waste my time looking up stuff on the internet. You do not know what you are talking about. I have run miles (Literally) of 4100 series steel on lathes and mills and heat treated quite a bit of it. "Normalized" 4140 is heat treated 4140. It is commonly referred to as "Pre-heat" or "Brake" steel. I have drilled and tapped a lot of Arisaka receivers and they are at 35-38 RC. I have seen adds for gun barrels that say "Re-Sulphurized!" This will give you the indication that it is soft steel because it cuts shiney and greasy like Ledloy. Sulfur is added to make machining easier and adds to tool life. The barrel is still around 28 RC, but now it has dirt (Sulphur) in it.
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