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Introduction and Question

New member here.....just wanted to say hello and that I have learned a lot reading through posts here. Great information.
Do some of you have much knowledge of the H & R Sportsman 999(22 lr)? I received it from my grandfather along with most of his old fishing gear. The revolver is in beautiful rust, finish is great, and really has not been shot much at all. The serial number prefix is AD.
One local gun shop here (Colo Springs) said they would expect a value of $375-425. Well since hearing that I'm not even sure I want to shoot it! Is this gun more of a collector to be locked up somewhere or can I use it to shoot? I have only a 20 gauge shotgun that I keep for HD but love the idea of having a revolver as well. But I want one that can be used a lot for practice.
Am I crazy to take this out to "play" or am I better off selling to get something more practical? I appreciate hearing from anybody with knowledge of these revolvers.
Thanks so much.
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