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I have no experience with progressive reloaders, but would expect that leaving the case to 'its own devices" might end up with some damaged cases.

I reload on a single stage RCBS.

The .22 hornet is my favorite of all to reload and shoot, and my experience is that it is far from finicky.

My standard load is a 45 grain sierra over 12.8 grains of lil-gun with small pistol primers. I do full length resize.

These particular loads shoot sub[-] MOA all day long out of my 60+ year old Winchester #43 and equally well out of my friends CZ "international". {3/8 to 1/2 groups at 100 yards are more common than not}

I wouldn't over think this cartridge too much, but I would probably be a bit hesitant to do it on a progressive loader where I was relying on "automatic" feeding rather than hand 'guiding" each operation.

Mike J
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