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Anything marked HRA is Harrington & Richardson, a maker of M1's for the US government starting at the tail end of the Korean War. Your op rod and possibly trigger group (or at least the safety lever; the rest of the trigger group appears to be International Harvester).

It's hard to say just by looking, but your rifle appears to be roughly equivalent to a CMP Service Grade rifle (althought it's impossible to tell without looking closer and measuring the bore erosion). As for value? That's subjective. $625 will get you a great Service Grade M1 from the US Government, but I routinely see similar rifles going on Gunbroker anywhere from $800 - $1,000. Value is all in how happy you are with the gun. If you're happy, then it's worth it!

Enjoy! The Garand is an awesome rifle and what matters if that you have one.
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