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m1 garand parts question (date and condition)

first off im new to the forum so hi everyone. second, i just purchased a m1 garand rifle from a local gun shop. i had some extra loot and the price seemed reasonable so i got one. however i have really no knowledge about the m1 other than a few youtube videos and what i have been able to gather on the interwebs. so i bring my questions to you guys, who seem to be more knowledgeable about this rifle then me. from what i can gather the receiver is a SA and was made march 1945 and then was rebarreled in 1947. as for the other parts on the rifle there are some stamps im not familiar with and have not been able to find much info on them if anyone could shed some light on the maker and date of the other parts that would be awesome. and also the marking on the receiver that says TE 11-65. also whats your opinions on condition and value of this gun.

sorry for such a long post, didnt want to leave anything out

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