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I will definitely take a look at the RCBS progressive! Although the price is definitely intimidating compared to the Hornady. Maybe a lube-die in the Hornady would work.

I was ass-u-me-ing that after an initial full-length resize and trim that I would be able to go 3 or 4 mid-pressure loadings using neck-sizing and no trimming, and that after a point I would need to trim each case back into spec.

The reason I am planning to neck-size is that many people report spotty accuracy from 22 Hornet rifles without that kind of precaution, matching the round to the rifle. That, and I figured it would help avoid case fatigue.

A gunsmith friend recommends that all loaded-for-accuracy rounds just barely be a crush-fit (by 0.001) in bolt-guns, as he says that this helps with repeatability and prevents brass growth (or minimizes it, anyway). Since that made sense to me, I was planning to take that advice to keep case-prepping tasks to a minimum. Thoughts?
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