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Various portions of our government have, over the years, written plans or studies to either deal with, or carry out nearly every concievable situation. And a number of things that are beyond meaningful calculation of probability, as well.

Plans to deal with men from Mars. Plans to deal with the Zombie Apocalypse. Plans to impose a Nazi level authoritarian govt on a nation, (even this one), and plans to prevent the same thing.

Most of these are gathering dust in files, and they get reviewed sometimes, beacuse that is what bureaucracies do. The fact that there is a written plan or study means nothing. One has to watch what they DO, and say. That is what matters.

A brief look at history also shows that while we often have a written plan or study, somewhere, when an actual event happens, we often don't follow the plan, or sometimes even know that we have one to follow...

knowing there is a plan and what it is can be a good thing, because it may allow us to recognize things we otherwise might not. But if this nation becomes even more of a police state, it will be because of the men and women who made it happen, not because there was a plan, or a study about it. Sure, a nice roadmap (or gps today) makes it easier to find your destination, but if nobody drives us there, we don't go.

The guy who has a copy of Mein Kampf in his historical library isn't bent on world domination for the master race just because he has that book. And what if he also has a copy of the US Constitution, as well? Better see which one he follows, before judging....
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