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Reloading 22 Hornet on Hornady LnL AP

So, I've been researching things while waiting for two more reloading books to arrive (ABCs of Reloading and one other), and just for kicks I pulled up a video of the Hornady Lock-n-Load Ammo Plant to show my wife. She thought it was awesome and encouraged me to buy one if I liked them!

So... I've been trying to figure out if it's actually advisable to try to reload 22 Hornet or K-Hornet (haven't decided if I'll ream out the CZ 527 yet) on a progressive press. In no particular order I have been thinking:

1) I want to neck-size only for accuracy and to keep from over-working the brass.
2) Even if I managed to find a carbine neck-die the case is so thin I'd probably want to lube it on the neck anyway.
3) I'm hoping for 1 MOA accuracy once I find the right load... hoping with 40gr bullets with Lil Gun.
4) I'm not worried about super speed. If the gun likes shooting 40 grain bullets at 2600fps that's fine, and will make the brass last longer.
5) Would love to be able to truly use the press as a progressive. For non-trimming loads this would be: tumble, hand-lube the case necks, decap+necksize, reprime, charge, powder-cop, seat. Undecided if crimping is necessary in a bolt-action, have read it isn't.
6) If the above won't work, considering: tumble, hand-lube case necks, decap+necksize. Retumble briefly. Reprime, charge, powder-cop, seat, crimp.
7) Flexible on using a powder-cop once I get things running smoothly.
8) Is the Hornet case just too damn squishy for progressive reloading? Some people make it seem like it will dent if you sneeze on it.

What are your thoughts on progressive reloading for a Hornet? I've seen other threads around the internet and people seem split over a number of issues that come along with bottlenecked cases, including lube issues and primer pockets.
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