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There was a time when I might have silently disagreed with some of what BartB said, but that time is past. Last year I bought some new Nosler brass in 260 Remington and lightly turned the necks and loaded em up with my favorite load. They shot fantastic. Best I've done with the rifle. So...I was that I have my fireformed cases, they'll shoot even better, won't they. Nope! I neck sized them with Redding's non-bushing die and I shot worse groups. So I loaded more and shot more, but my resized brass did not and would not shoot as well as the new brass did. There's a lesson there somewhere, and I think it has to do with my knocking the necks out of proper alignment by use of that neck die - which is what BartB has said again and again. Soooo, just maybe he knows a little about all this reloading.

That's what has caused me to want to test resizing dies of various makes and types. I have a sneaking suspicion that when the cloud of burnt gunpowder blows away from my range next week, I'll find that BartB's suggestion on the Redding bushing dies is correct. But...I bought the Lee Collet die too. So we'll see how that measures up also. Then I'll buy the 'winning' dies for all my rifles, if there is a clear winner. It'll either cost me a lot (Redding) or a little (Lee). For comparison purposes I'll be using: Hornady FL die, Redding NK die (non-bushing type), Lee Collet die, Redding FL bushing die.

And I'll post results and pictures (if I can figure out how to put the pics on the forum). Folks can do what they wish with the results (agree, disagree, ignore, etc.), but I'm doing this for me cause I want to know.

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