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I think I see where they're going... they want to have a list of gun laws, and a list of non-gun laws to show the individual wasn't going to obey any law.. "see just look at these lists...."

I think there are better points to make...

The the study from Texas after they changed their concealed carry laws...

Concealed carry permit holders are less likely to commit a crime. Sometimes glaringly so.

Quote: Males
The average male Texan who is 21 years or older is 7.9 times more likely to be arrested for the
violent crimes of murder, rape, robbery, and assault than the average male CHL holder.

And the work we've done with that FBI spreadsheet in other threads on here.

There's an epidemic going on in the Southern states. From the Gulf to Maryland and DC. Most of the states in this area have high homicide rates. In fact the top 5 are DC, Louisiana, Alabama, South Carolina, and Maryland.
3 of those 5 have restrictive gun laws in the form of AWB bans, may issue carry laws or both. There are at least a couple other states in that same 4+ range that are permissive. But those states with permissive laws can absorb those states with permissive laws and high rates, and still average a lower per capita homicide rate than all the states with restrictive laws. And those states include some very low number states like Hawaii.

We have plenty of hard statistic points that show allowing people to legally own guns doesn't lead to higher homicide rates, and in fact show that it lowers the homicide rate.

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