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Wow! Really?

Your comment is in no way helpful of constructive.

Last time I checked, this was an open, gun related, forum. Which means I am allowed to discuss, with in reason, anything I want to, provided it is related to firearms.

You don't like my topic, then read a different thread.

For everyone else, I too am aware that the characters that actors portray in no way has to be a reflection of their true beliefs. However, it does send a certain message that I find to be hypoctical. It also annoys me when people use celebrities to push their message. Why does anyone care what a celebrity has to say? If you think about it, they are paid to pretend to be something they are not. Which means they are paid liars,(very similar to politicians).

Anyways, I never really cared about what actors thought or had to say but did find this interesting because of how much he used firearms in his movies. I just thought it was dirty for an actor to make millions off of firearms for decades, only to find out he doesn't think anyone should be allowed to have them.

I will admit I am niave to all this but that's because I don't follow celebrities or celebrity news. I just happened to see this article when I was searching for info on the proposed 2013 AWB. I started to wonder how many other celebrities were doing the same thing.
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