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I tend to agree with g.willikers, travel light and keep it simple, my M1A Scout (VLTOR Modstock on the way) and Colt 1911 would be my go to's and I would hope Id have a buddy to carry my AK74 clone and Mossberg 590A1.

However my picks from each category would be as follows-

Pistol- Colt 1911 .45
Battle Rifle- M1A EBR
HMG- Ma Deuce (would've picked an M60E4 LMG but the M2 is pretty much the king of Heavy MGs)
Sniper- McMillan TAC50
Shotgun- Mossberg 590A1
Special Purpose- Mk32 6 shot 40mm grenade launcher (Mk19 is heavy and a jammomatic)

Edit- forgot shotgun

Getting more into the employment of said weapons systems I would want a vehicle mounted fireteam. The Ma Deuce would have to be Vic mounted to be worth it's weight, the persons with the Sniper rifle and Grenade launcher would have to have sidearms (whenever we patrolled with the Mk32 that person always had an M9). The shotgun would stay in the truck unless a door needed to be breached and the UMP would be used by the Ma Deuce operator since that person would spend most of his time in the truck.
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