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You can produce more ammo per hour with a CT than you can with a single stage press. It can also be used as a single stage. Most pistol shooters go through a lot more ammo per year than rifle shooters do. This is the main reason to use a faster press for pistol ammo. .223 semi-auto shooters tend to go through a lot more ammo than someone using a bolt action. So the turret might be a better option for those shooting a semi-auto.

Later on if you find you need to produce more ammo per hour, you can look into the progressive presses. Progressives are more expensive and more complicated. Feeding them primers, powder and bullets at the rate they are designed to run is also expensive. Progressive presses are nice to have and make short work of reloading. Most reloaders I have spoken to do not shoot enough to really need a progressive press.
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