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Bedding is really a two- part process when done properly.

You not only should epoxy bed the receiver, you should have pillars installed as well.

I would run, not walk, from a professional gunsmith that would do this for $50-$75 for a "typical" bolt gun as it takes more time than that cost would justify to do it properly.

Doesn't mean it's rocket science, just that it takes time- and time is money for a gunsmith. Typically expect to pay $150-$250.

Nothing wrong with Boyd's- but they are intended for budget-minded shooters that aren't concerned with maximum accuracy, or those that intend to DIY the bedding process.

To buy a Boyd's, then pay a smith to bed it and install pillars would be ridiculous IMO. Just buy a HS Precision, Bell and Carlson, Choate, McMillan, or other stock with integral aluminum bedding blocks- you'll be ahead in terms of cost, and quality.

IF you're handy with a Dremel and mechanically inclined, you can buy (or make) pillars and DIY. It is important to note that if not done correctly, you can introduce stress into the receiver...

Here is a good article on the subject, there are many online:

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