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5.56 chamber shows more velocity than wylde chamber

I have been testing a mk262 clone for weeks and here are some interesting results from the two guns I used to test velocity.

Gun #1:
16" barrel, 5.56 NATO chamber, 5R rifling, melonite treated.

Gun #2:
16" barrel, .223 wylde chamber, 3R rifling, melonite treated.

The velocity on the 5.56 was about 100fps faster than the .223 wylde;consistently higher.

Average velocity of the 5.56 chamber was 2665fps with a high of 2680 and a low of 2650.

The .223 wylde experienced much lower velocities.
Average was 2550fps with a high of 2570 and a low of 2530.

Thoughts? Comments?

All of the ammo was loaded the same.
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