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My recommendation would be to contact Andrews Sports Medicine in Birmingham, Alabama. Dr. Andrews is recognized as the World's leading expert on orthopedic medicine. His practice has some of the best if not the best in ortopedic medicine and surgery.

They sure made a difference in my life.

Dr. Andrews is consulted by or is a team doctor on many NFL Teams. My doctor, Dr. Cain, is on the sidelines during most University of Alabama Football games and is a protege of Dr. Andrews. Dr. Cain is thought to be one of best if not the best knee specialist in sports medicine/surgery.

There maybe areas in medication, surgery, and/or rehab exercise to help with your condiditons. We don't have to live with pain and incapacitation. Andrews Sports Medicine has a huge team of doctors and specialist. They also maybe able to recommend someone in your geographic area to help you or start your process prior to referral to their facilities.

Good luck with it since I have felt your pain.

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