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CCW Pistol

First time I looked at a Keltec I said: reminds me of the toys I used to play with back in the mid 60's. Kind of on the rough side, so I have not ever purchased one. The only low end pistol I've purchased is an RIA 1911 Officer model ($500 New). Certainly not a Springfield, Kimber or S&W 1911, but it works every time. Now and then the slide doesn't lock back after the last shot, but no FTF's or FTE's with all stock internals.

On to a new CCW pistol. One of my first was a Sig P232 (issues), tried an S&W Bodyguard 380 (returned, laser issues repeatedly), Ruger LCP 380 (flawless but snappy without a Hogue Handall Jr on it), Kahr K9 & MK40, Sig P290 (issues), Springfield EMP40 and S&W M&P Shield 40.

I like all metal guns the best. Both my Kahrs are very accurate, shoot everything I feed them and I trust my life to them. Springfield EMP 9 I did not like as much as I liked the 40. The P232 is a very comfortable gun, but it has had recurring failure to fire episodes since day one. It is not the ammo. Sig P290, same issue as the P232. Since day one it does not always fire. Poor ergonomics in my opinion. My hands are not huge, and the mags always hang up on my hand when I go to eject them. The 6 round mag has loading issues and will not seat in the well and allow you to rack the slide when it has 6 rounds in it (if you can get 6 into it). It's going back to Sig, but haven't had a chance to contact them yet. Recently acquired the Shield in 40. I actually bought the Sig P290 because I thought I would never see a Shield 40, had been waiting since April 2012, I was number two on the list! Received a call just a week ago that it was in. In the first mag of ammo I had an 1 FTF and 1 FTE, and not one issue after that. I think it was operator error, most likely limp wrist. Tightened my grip a little more and it proved to be everything I had hoped. Most importantly, it worked flawlessly and I was impressed with the accuracy, especially being the first time I shot a Shield in any caliber. With the extended 7 round mag it fits my whole hand comfortably. I find the Shield more comfortable than the P290 as far as how it feels in the hand, controls, grip, trigger; being a 40, the Shield is snappier, but nothing bothersome in my opinion. It will become a permanent part of ccw collection. Still Sour over the Sigs and they are staring out at the pasture, if Sig cannot make them flawless.
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