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I have read recipes that include mutton tallow.
I bought a tub of sheep tallow from Dixie Gun Works in order to make the period-correct Civil War-era lube for .58 expanding balls, which was 3:1 or 8-1 beeswax/tallow.

Here is the mutton tallow:

This was what was actually used on Minnie balls during the CW. I find it to be a very hard, wax-like (obviously) lube that is good for long-term storage as it does not leach into the cartridge paper wrapper under normal temps.

The stuff I use for N-SSA shooting is far more gooey. I use Crisco and beeswax for my N-SSA shooting lube, and I will even add vegetable oil to it to make it softer.

I made a bunch of period cartridges and shot them, and while not as easy to shoot as my modern lube recipie it worked well enough.

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