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OK, the Marlin 455 WAS made 1957-59 on an FN Mauser 98 action, with Sako trigger & stainless steel bbls.

Since my resources state that 1,009 were made in .30-06, 59 in .308, and also doesn't mention any chambered in .243 - I'd say that, since your rifle has a Micro-groove .243 barrel, that you have either a rare one-off (which would need a factory verification letter to authenticate), or possibly a Model 455 that's been rebarreled.

FWIW - I've never seen, not heard of, a US factory-issue rifle with it's cartridge/chambering designation stamped anywhere else besides where it's readily visible to anybody handling the rifle, for product liability reasons.

If an American rifle had a barrel with the chambering stamped into a hidden area, I'd have to presume the rifle wasn't born with that particular barrel - but (of course) a letter of authenticity from the manufacturer would put paid to that.

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