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Hi I'm a newbie

I didn't see this page when I first joined at the beginning of January. I'm a 70 year old newbie. Retired machinist and thought fishing was "IT". A friend gave me a 50 cal Hawken kit rifle as a retirement present, along with a few high quality air guns ( for plinking ) He's a gunsmith. Never owned or shot anything other than a bow and arow as a kid. Started the Kit and fell in love with the rifle. Went target shooting with the air guns and fell in love with the shooting sport. Finally shot the Hawken and "WOWEE" true love at first shot. The feel n the smell was unbelievable. It's an inexpensive kit gun I but I'm gonna inlet a brass patch box in it. I'm currently also trying to teach myself to carve so I can put something personal on the gunstock . Thats a long process for a shaky near sighted old man and I can tell I'll never be really good at it but it's my rifle and it only has to please me. The forum and the posters are great. The information is invaluable. I read it several times a day and it's something I look forward too. My granddaughter (12) fell in love with the air gun shooting and went ballistic when she saw me shot the 50 cal. I loaded her up a light round and after she shot it, she couldn't stop smiling for a week. Her name is Jaeda hence my login name jspappap.

Safe shooting to you all
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