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I agree with Scorch.

What's meant by sloppy visible workmanship, can be seen in you pic, if one know what something done correctly should look like.

For just two examples, look closely at the top line of the stock (most likely an inexpensive aftermarket Bishop - $45 in the 70's), in two areas: between the rear of the EJ port, and again to the rear of the bolt handle recess.

In both areas, the top line should be straight, parallel to the top edge of the metal directly above, and higher than it is.

The EJ port wood has been cut or sanded at an akward down-sloping angle, and the wood to the rear of the bolt handle recess has been oversanded to the point that the side(s) of the tang are visible (a no-no).

Soooo, being that whoever did the work allowed at least that much to show, makes others like Scorch & myself wander how much sloppy work is hidden.

Below, for comparison, is an example of decent stockwork.


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