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"O, reason not the need! Our basest beggars
Are in the poorest thing superfluous."
King Lear, II, iv

Thanks for the opportunity to indulge my passion for the Bard! I agree with Sgt. Lumpy and others who have encouraged you to go ahead and get that 9 mm. I started out some years ago with a Stevens 16 gauge double barrel shotgun, a single-shot Remington .22, and an early Ruger Single Six. These days, my handgun calibers include .22, .22 mag., .32, .380, 9 mm, .38 spl., .357 mag., .44 spl., and .44 mag. In 9 mm alone, I have a sweet Browning Hi Power, a S&W 3913, and a Kahr PM9. Looking back, I cannot say I ever really needed any of my guns. But I definitely wanted each one. I have enjoyed shooting each of them. And I don't believe I have spent even the briefest moment regretting the purchase of any one of them.
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