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I will go with a turret press, either a Lee or Hornady kit as mentioned above. The info I read on the Lee talks about it as a handgun ammo reloader. Will it work okay for rifle? I plan on reloading a lot of .223 for the forseeable future.

Who votes for the Lee and who favors the Hornady?

And thank all of you for the responses so far.
I don't think Hornady makes a turret press. I have owned my Lee classic turret press for around seven years now. I have loaded a lot of 223 on my CT. I can shoot sub MOA with that ammo if I do my part. I also know a couple of guys that load 30-06 on a CT in auto index mode. Make sure you get the classic turret and not the deluxe turret. I agree with Brian also. I am loading close to 200 RPH at a comfortable pace. Actually for loading 223 after case prep is done and I'm just dropping the charge, seating and crimping I'm closer to 250 to 300 per hour. The classic turret is also fast and easy to change claibers and primers sizes.
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