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4runnerman, there are no fliers unless you call one. Every bullet fired goes to its intended impact point. Count all of 'em when measuring accuracy

Very true Bart,But sometimes it just happens. Most if not all are caused by me pulling trigger at wrong time or Karma just off at that moment. For those that happen like that I disregard as i know the reason behind the flyer. Now if it was a perfect shot and it turned out to be a flyer,,then I start looking at maybe a burr or something else that may have caused it,something in my case prep or so. We are human and we do error. Im not going to dock myself for one out of 10 or 15 shots that turns into a flyer. In my Matches it counts,In my practice it is thrown out ( If i can determine the cause). Which is mostly human error.

As I said- This 1000 yards and beyond is relativley new to me,so I am still in the learning stages. Doping the wind is still by far my biggest drawback.
Got any advise for me there???.. Im all ears for learning
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