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Unless an actor, or director or whatever is actively against the 2ns Amendment I don't take it into account when choosing to go to a movie. After all, I am enjoying their work, which has nothing to do with their attitude toward firearms. When they cross the line, i.e., using their celebrity status to push an anti-gun agenda or an un-American agenda (in my viewpoint) then I take this into account before plunking down my cash to see them acting. Jane Fonda comes to mind, and Steven Speilberg (watch E.T., not the original, but the revised film that came out on the 25th anniversary of the original. The government agents pursuing E.T. through the woods no longer are carrying guns, but have been digitally changed to be carrying radios). Speaking of Spielberg; although he is a great movie maker, his politics offend me so much I cannot go to see his movies. For example, his highly acclaimed film "Munich" implies that the Muslin terrorists who murdered the Israeli athletes at the Olympics in 1972 and the Israeli agents who tracked them down and killed them were really no different from a moral point of view. Anyone who can't see the difference between terrorists and those who fight back against them is not someone that I want to spend my money supporting.
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