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NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home - Questions

I am an NRA certified instruction in Basic Pistol, Personal Protection In the Home, and First Steps. I have not gotten certified to teach Personal Protection Outside the Home because I haven't found anyone within a practical distance from my home who is qualified to certify me.

I stumbled across a course announcement in another forum that is offering the PPOTH instructor course not far from where a good friend of mine lives, so I am considering combining a visit to him with attending the class. But the information is unclear, and my requests for clarification have been met with what I consider to be obfuscation.

Specifically, the place is offering what they call a "provider" course and an "instructor" course, on different weekends. And they are telling me that I have to take both. But when I asked what the difference is between an "instructor" and a "provider," all I got was double-talk. They quoted a long passage from the NRA Instructor web site, and nowhere in what they quoted was the word "provider" used.

Can anyone who is qualified to certify PPOTH instructors explain to me what the requirements really are?

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