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I go to gun shows. I consider the $9 an entertainment fee. It was crazy! Lots of tier 2 and tier 3 semi's for 2-3 times the pre-sandy price.

I saw a guy holding a Galil for $9500. Isn't that a bit much?

IME, gun shows are places where guns like a winchester special edition model 12 can find that rare buyer. I also saw many O/U 12 ga's in well used shape. I also saw lot of strange 50's and 60's rifled which might be find guns, but are not collectors items due to condition or caliber. These kinds of thing can't be sold in high end gun shops or box stores.

I saw $38 per 50 9mm fmj!

In my opinion, lots of stuff being sold there or listed there was marked at a premium.

Carry cash. I paid 3% extra, for something and many won't take cc.

KNOW YOUR PRICE AND REDUCTIONS FOR CONDITION! Gun shows are a great place to lay out a pink gun at double msrp and then take $100 of for the person looking at it! Remember, often new guns sold there are sold there because they no longer look nice under the bright lights of the gun store!
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